No Apologies -A Manifesto

Show of hands: how many moms or wives out there (any woman, really) make self-care a priority?



That’s what I thought. 

The act of juggling the multitude of roles we play is, by nature, very draining. Mom is a full time job and some of us work a full time job on top of that. And that’s if you have a healthy child/children. Wife/girlfriend adds another layer as does daughter/granddaughter/sister/aunt.  Then there’s maintaining friendships. All of these roles are important and they all require that we give varying amounts of ourselves. Many of us give until there’s nothing left for ourselves.

I’ve been that woman for years and it’s taken it’s toll. I have, at times, attempted to carve out time for myself but I’ve always ended up feeling guilty, as if I was neglecting the other roles. For some chocolate or really expensive wine is their guilty pleasure. For me, it’s writing and swinging kettlebells. Both of these activities are of vital importance for my physical and psychological wellbeing. I don’t do either consistently though I very much want to. I just haven’t figured out where/how to carve out the time to do this. And I feel a tinge of guilt when I do either because I feel like I’m doing them at the expense of something else.

So here’s my manifesto: from this day forth, self-care is priority number 1, guiltlessly.

Here’s the thing, when we aren’t taking care of ourselves, we aren’t giving our best in any role. A gets cranky, short-tempered, and impatient Mom. Work, unfortunately, gets the best of me because I start my day there. Everyone else gets scattered, overwhelmed, and sometimes, exhausted me. I even feel guilty taking time off from work, as if the I’m the only person who can do my job (I’m not) or I don’t deserve it (I do). I’m not okay with that anymore.

Now, to figure out how to squeeze the $130-$150 fee for CrossFit out of the budget…