Daily Prompt: Pep Rally

***Here’s the back story: my son is 12 and over the past 18 months has had a great struggle with school. His dad and I are working on having him evaluated for different learning disabilities (though I don’t believe they are disabilities, they are just learning differences) because the struggle has been heartbreaking. Dyslexia and ADHD are strong contenders due to family history and the particular mix of behaviors at play.***

Little Man,

As you know, your dad and I had conversations with some of your teachers last week during parent teacher conferences. Yes, some of it was more of the same, the lack of understanding as to why you can’t turn your stuff in, why you forget everything, why you’d rather stare out the window than participate in class. We promised you that we’d get to bottom of what’s going on and we’re so close.

Here’s the good part: regardless of how you’re doing, your teachers DO like you, love you even. When you do participate in class, they see you as you are, bright, articulate, caring, funny. They just get as frustrated as we do.  No matter what the evaluation finds, they want you to succeed, just as we do. No matter what the evaluation finds, we will do everything in our power to help you learn and develop strategies to help you learn. While some call dyslexia and ADHD as disabilities, in actuality, they are not. They are learning differences.  You process differently, that’s it.

None of that changes who you are or how smart you are.  You’ll always be bright, articulate, caring and funny. More than that, you aren’t alone, you’re loved, you’re believed in.  That’s right, we ALL believe in you.  With some help from the professionals, we’ll create a plan with you that only points you in one direction – success.

You got this!

Love, Mom.



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