Curiosity > Conclusions


This is a wonderfully written commentary on curiosity vs. conclusion. Excellent points made all around.

Originally posted on entropy: the other constant:

My older sister said something about my pragmatism the other day.  Any time someone calls me pragmatic, I start blushing and getting giddy.  Call me pretty and I roll my eyes.  Call me pragmatic and the cockles of my heart are liable to burst into flame, they get so warm. 

I had to look it up, by the way.  A idiomatic statement probably referring to the way mollusks open up in the warming-up part of getting cooked.  Cheerful. 

Digression aside, I’ve been running into this curiosity vs. judgement dichotomy a lot recently.  Every time it comes up, I have to side with curiosity as being the more helpful, pragmatic approach. 

A work example.  My current boss is in my top three favorite bosses ever.  She’s smart, she’s strategic, and she’s canny.  My favorite kind of lady.  We have an intern.  A smart kid from Chicago with a broad mid-western accent…

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