What is Musical Foodie Love?

“Musical Foodie Love” is, I think, an apt description for me. I love music – listening to it, playing/singing it, experiencing it. I love good food, but I just might love making it and writing about it more than eating it. And I love life.

I’m constantly in search of…myself. I am both a geek and a writer. I’m working on my first book of poetry and taking a computer science class from Harvard. I am often a study in opposites. If it’s in my heart, I’ll most likely write about it. I firmly believe that the best things in life are, more often than not, free.

We live the lives we create and this blog is my box of building blocks.

People glossary:

J= the hubs
A= little man
T, K, & S = my best friends

~ Barbie

This is Roxy, my European Creme Golden Retriever. I wasn’t kidding when I said child #2 would be 4-legged and furry!

7 thoughts on “What is Musical Foodie Love?

  1. Saw your time capsule list. Looks great!

    Roxy looks adorable! Have you met our Beau? Perhaps one day, Roxy and Beau can meet at a dog park and play!

    See you around the blogosphere!

  2. Happy New Year to you, Barbie (Barbara)!

    May you find yourself as well as your great or even ultimate calling in or via the three ingredients: Music, Food and Love!

    Regarding the first and third ingredients, Music and Love, please take a chance to listen to SoundEagle‘s original compositions. Click Music (in post format) or Music (in page format) to learn more about SoundEagle‘s art, music and philosophical ethos.

    Regarding Food to make, to love or to write about more than to eat, try http://soundeagle.wordpress.com/2012/12/08/soundeagle-in-edible-art-glorious-food-and-festive-season/. Please feast your eyes and enjoy!

    SoundEagle looks forward to reading your thoughts and comments . . . . :)

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